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About CroreMart.Com

CroreMart.Com (Cobra Online Services Pvt. Ltd.) is India's first and fastest-growing multi-category marketplace, offering the twin benefits of unmatched selection of products and value for money. With our customer centric approach, we provide the best online shopping experience to our customers – starting from the great selection, low price, fast delivery, simple interface, and ending with the best customer service you have ever experienced.

Our rigorous merchant approval process ensures that our buyers are assured on all aspects of product purchase, be it authenticity, quality, manufacturer warranty, or the price. Typically, our merchants are successful retailers, brand owners or authorized dealers who have earned credibility and loyalty in the offline environment. Our merchants enjoy the benefit of our superior e-commerce technology platform, extensive customer reach, robust fulfillment processes, reliable payment facility and unmatched marketing expertise. This allows them to focus on what they do the best - bringing best products to the customer at best prices. We enable our merchants to reach out to a larger market and grow their online business.This is done through a host of business management tools, effective marketing and decision enabling analytics.

You may be a buyer or a seller but there is one thing in common that CroreMart.Com promises to both – best-in-class online experience, no matter which side of the transaction you are!

Our Vision is to “Provide simple & secured e-commerce services to all buyers & sellers”.

Our Mission is to make every seller online where they can sell their products online easily.

Our Purpose is to make a platform for buyers and sellers where sellers can sell their products online and they can grow their business online across India.





CroreMart is a design house that believes that contemporary design can be culled out of the Indian textile heritage. We create ethnic wear that appeals to the modern, cosmopolitan woman. To adapt to lifestyle changes, Indian women need wardrobe solutions to suit their multiple social roles and needs. The ethnic wear industry at the turn of the century was a loosely organized setup, fumbling with consistent delivery in sizing, styling, and quality. There was a vacant niche for apparel for discerning customers who had a deep appreciation of Indian textiles but also wanted the advantages of a western wear brand – standardized sizing, seasonal styles and impeccable quality.

In 2018, CroreMart, with the intention of bridging this gap, launched ethnic prêt; ready-to wear in its classical form with six point sizing, consistent fits, contemporary styling and great quality. By applying anthropometric sizing techniques, western design methodology and pattern making tools to traditional Indian textiles, CroreMart offers a product that has the best of both worlds.

mission“To create fashion that empowers women. To redefine ethnic wear as a product that is closely linked to the Indian ethos in design sensibility and with all the advantages of a western wear brand - standardized sizing, consistent fits and impeccable quality.


Empowering Women

The Indian apparel industry has a strong connection with the socio-economic life of the people. Historically, the market share for men’s apparel in India has been significantly larger than that for women’s apparel. But the scenario is changing fast. By 2020, women’s apparel is slated to have a 42% share in the total apparel market which is 2% above the projected market share of men’s apparel. This is predominantly because more women are stepping out of their homes, traveling to urban areas, joining the work force and generally becoming more independent, economically and otherwise. Their wardrobes had been traditionally limited to home wear and special occasion wear, but now they have an overwhelming need to dress differently and smartly on a daily basis. The burgeoning demand and subsequent growth of women’s apparel is directly linked to the increasing empowerment of women in India.

We believe that our clothes empower women and add an extra verve to their lives. We take immense pride in being part of this quiet revolution. Be it in our design philosophy, work culture or in our all-women man our principles are very clear. We do everything in our power to bring women to the fore.agement team.